我们欢迎善众捐款,可以直接银行转账至Yayasan Kek Lok Si (CIMB # 8007933957),然后把转账单据发来,或 Whatsapp +604-8282233,写上捐款人姓名以及要求收据类别。

凡捐献超过RM50 者,可以要求扣税收据,并请提供全名、身份证号码及完整地址。


感恩捐献 🙏🏼

As our charitable hospital is fully funded by Yayasan Kek Lok Si, we depend much on public donation.

For donation to our charitable hospital, you may bank into Yayasan Kek Lok Si  (CIMB # 8007933957).

Kindly send us your transaction slip together with the name to be on receipt to or Whatsapp +604-8282233.

Let us know which type of receipt you want. Normal receipt or tax exemption (minimum of RM50 per donation).

For issuance of tax exemption receipt, please provide full name in English (personal name/ company name), IC number/ Business Registration Number & full address as per registered with LHDN.

We welcome any amount of donations.

With Metta. 🙏🏼
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